Coach John Ferguson has been coaching long distance runners since 1989, and has run hundreds of marathons and half marathons himself.  His personal best time was 2:36:28 in Boston. He has trained runners whose only goal was to finish a marathon one time, to people who are looking for qualifying times for Boston, London, Tokyo, New York, Berlin, Chicago and other major marathons.


I joined John’s group hoping to be able to run my first marathon. I ran a half marathon training by myself the year before and suffered debilitating running injury after injury from training the wrong way. Coach John not only motivated me to get up and run every Sunday morning, but taught me how to effectively pace myself, run more efficiently, fuel my body and recover. I was able to run my first marathon and hit my sub 4 hour goal and stay injury free through the entire program and after my race. John knows everything there is to know about running and has fostered a group atmosphere that is inclusive, inspiring, and an integral part of the London running community.


Joined group in 2019

When I joined the group in 2002 I never thought that 18 years later I would still be part of the group. I didn’t know then how much the group would mean to me and how much it would be part of my life. The encouragement and support of my running friends and the fun times we have keep me coming back. Over the years I’ve set challenging goals and met them. It wouldn’t have been possible on my own. I look forward to new goals and new challenges. At the heart of the group is the ever-supportive, ever-encouraging Coach John Ferguson. Whether it’s a long Sunday run, tempo run, mile repeats, track, races or road trips – whatever the weather – Coach is there.


Group member since 2002

The group has allowed us to share our passion with our children! Running is a huge part of our lives, and has become something that we are able to do together. 
Coach John has worked hard to accommodate running families with young children within his clinics. Routinely, our team workouts are kid friendly. While we are cranking out intervals, our kids get to play with other children, who are being supervised by a group of babysitters. We hope our children will continue to love the sport as much as we do!


Running family

I have been experiencing a wonderful training opportunity, as well as the encouragement, friendship and support from Coach John’s clinic groups for the past 5 years.

I initially joined when my goal was to complete a marathon by the time I was 60 years old. With the expert training program, I ran my first marathon in Corning, New York, 2010, along with a bus load of great running buddies from London. Since then, I have completed 12 marathons with the coaching guidance of John Ferguson, and the friendly encouragement of his special running community. My goal now is to complete a marathon in every province of Canada. So far, I have 4 provinces under my belt, and with the group’s encouragement, I will l attain my goal.

An added benefit of my running program has been an initial weight loss of 25 pounds, which I have maintained through running and a healthy lifestyle. I would highly recommend any of Coach John’s clinics for runners old and young. I have not met a more encouraging, motivating and positive group anywhere else.


Dec. 3, 2019: It’s been just about two months since I finished my first marathon ❤️.  So many emotions run through my head when I look at this photo. To be honest with you, during my training cycle I didn’t really realize just how much of a “big deal” running a marathon really was. Coach John Ferguson’s running group is filled with seasoned runners who have completed dozens of marathons, so I just began to think marathon running is normal when in reality, less than 1% of the population has run a marathon 😂 When I tore my ACL/MCL/meniscus a few years ago and had surgery, I never thought running would be in the cards for me. What I learned most from this experience is that to accomplish greatness in life you have to surround yourself with greatness 🌟 Surround yourself with people who are where you want to go. I gained so much knowledge, experience and friendship from everyone who I trained with and it is because of Coach John and my running family that I kept pushing when I didn’t want to 😊 Never underestimate what you can do in a year! My running journey (training consistently with a coach) started January 2019 and I ran this race 10 months after. Never give up on your dreams and always follow your heart! You were made for greatness!


Joined group in 2019

I’ve been with Coach John’s running group since winter of 2009, after I found a half marathon was tough without coaching. So I joined the Marathon Training Group, led by John Ferguson. Coach John is a very experienced runner and can relate to the challenges runners face. Since running with the group, I’ve run 26 marathons.

He has developed a well-balanced program to fit a broad range of runners, from novice to well-experienced, and is open to talk about adjustments to fit your particular needs.


With Coach John since 2009

ATTENTION ALL RUNNERS (or anyone with the slightest desire for a running community, regardless of your pace!)

I have been a part of this community for almost a year now and I couldn’t be happier working with coach John and this fabulous group of runners! If surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals that genuinely care about their personal development sounds like you, this is where you’ll find them.


1. MAKE NEW FRIENDS! You’re looking for a new community to get involved with!
2. ACHIEVE SOME PB’s. You have running goals you’d like to achieve!
3. HAVE FUN. You’re looking to mix up your hobbies and try something new.
4. JUST DO IT!!!!!!

If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have been able to push myself.

Coach John,
THANK YOU for continuously checking in with me when I’d miss a workout. You hold people accountable and let them know that you care about their improvement.
THANK YOU for sticking by my side each time I was pushing for my “longest” run. You offer encouragement and support when we need it most.
THANK YOU for counting down the last mile, the last 5 minutes, the last sprint. You demand that we ask more of ourselves and help us realized that our ability is far beyond what we believe.
THANK YOU for including me and making me feel welcome. I have yet to meet a more genuine group of goal achievers. And lastly,
THANK YOU for not only believing in us as runners, but as individuals with goals far beyond our reach.

You deserve to be recognized.

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Joined group in 2019

My running has improved immensely through the Coach John’s clinics. Before I moved to the London area, my fastest marathon was 4:31. Since then, I’ve run five Boston Marathons and achieved a personal best time of 3:24:37. The top-notch coaching and support from Coach John and other marathon training clinic participants has, without question, allowed me to reach my running goals.

The excellent advice from Coach John — who is experienced at competing in the top marathon levels in the world — made the difference for me.


Group member since 2007

Coming to running rather later than most, I needed direction.  Coach John gave me that and more.  His expertise and experience ensured that I had the shoes I needed, and his training groups took me from my first 5 km race to my first marathon!  Thanks, Coach!


4th season with the running group