FREE Pack Run Group

If you just want to have some friendly folks to run with, this is your group!  We meet every Saturday morning at 8:30 AM at the Covent Garden Market downtown London Ontario (corner of King and Talbot St.) and run as a group for 5, 7 or 9k depending on the route you choose.  Then we meet back at the market for a coffee or your favourite market beverage to discuss all things running — plus a wide range of intellectually stimulating topics that changes every week.

Half Marathon Clinic

You have a 5k or 10k race under your belt and you’re looking for a bigger challenge.  The Half Marathon (21.1 kilometres) is a very achievable distance within a single running clinic, especially if you’ve been getting in some 5k and 10k runs on a semi-regular basis.

Coach John’s Half Marathon Clinic meets at the same times as the Marathon clinic participants.  Even people who have many marathons under their belts like the Half clinic because it isn’t as hard on your body, and yet you get to have as much (or more) fun as the Marathon participants!

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Marathon Clinic

The marathon is one of the toughest challenges that most people will ever complete in their lifetimes.  Training for a marathon on your own — without a training and support group — is even tougher.

Coach John has been running marathons for over 4 decades, and has helped thousands of people reach their running goals — be it simply completing the marathon, qualifying for the Boston marathon, or achieving a personal best time in the marathon.

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Speed Clinic

Completing a half or full marathon distance is one thing.  Completing the race in the fastest time you are able is a whole different ball game.

To run fast, you need to train fast.  Not every run, but once per week you should be running at a sufficiently fast pace that your body adapts — both your muscle strength and your cardiovascular capacity.

The Winter Speed Clinic sessions are held indoors at the Thompson Arena track from January to March — giving you a welcome break from battling the ice and snow outside. In April, the sessions move outside to Gibbons Park.  Or, if you don’t enjoy the indoor track, can’t get enough of the cold or COVID-19 restrictions prevent us from using the indoor track, sign up for our alternate Outdoor Winter Speed Clinic which starts at 6:15 PM  from Citi Plaza, upstairs from GoodLife. 

The Summer Speed Clinic sessions alternate between TD Stadium’s track and Gibbons Park for June, July and August, and wrap up with mile repeats at Gibbons Park in September and October.

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